Cowboy boots and belts

I have been reading about cowboy boots and belts in the last day or two. It has been interesting to say the least. I am familiar with belts because I wear one to keep my drawers up daily. That’s a big duh no kidding. The cowboy boot thing I’m not to familiar with, so I did some checking about why wear even consider them because they look very uncomfortable. For a dude, I think the reasons are psychological. They increase the height of a short dude, helps that short dude feel tall. They take big gonads to wear, because they are so different in most locations. There are exceptions, especially if you live in a location like Texas of the Southwest. Another reason is that they are anything but plain. Most synthetic and dress shoes are nothing spectacular. They all look alike and have no character aside from a few outliers.

I don’t think I could ever wear them because I’m not short, live in the north and am not the stylish. I did consider them at one time though after a buddy of mine wore them out to the club one night.  I had no idea who made cowboy boots. There are websites with a fairly large list of cowboy boots brands. I can’t say I know the names but I do think I should do more research if I want to buy these things.

I will say that a lot of girls will wear dresses with cowgirl boots and it looks good.

cheap beltThat said, I came across a good guide on buying a belt on I also saw the site with the boot brands also listed a guide to choosing a belt. It listed a huge list of belt name brands and listed how to pick a belt but mentioned little to nothing about picking a belt width for a belt buckle. If I’m going to wear boots, I need a buckle that looks the part! I figure go big or go home.

Well, that may not be true. I do think there are spurs for the boots, chaps, cowboy hats, and a Western shirt. I may only go home. I don’t think I’ll be going big anytime soon.

I did learn that smaller width belts are more dressy, which I thought was the opposite. I always thought wide belts were more dressy because it shows more material, which seems to me to be more conservative and stable. Turns out I was wrong. Oh, well.

I do think that a nice, wide belt is better than a thin one for practical purposes. I like to keep my pants up thank you very much. I also only like leather belts. I have had fabric based ones in the past and a couple of them were not very good. The leather ones keep my pants up very well. My experience tells me it’s the best choice for me.

Now that I have all this information what will I do with it? Probably nothing. I thought it would be a good idea to write about it since I have not written anything on this site in a long time.

Dandruff shampoo and winter scalps

2202690970_dee379af78_zI always get an itchy scalp in the winter and it is from dandruff.

There’s nothing more embarrassing than when somebody points out those tiny white flakes on my shoulder, so I work to get rid of them the minute I start scratching my irritated head.

Besides, if I am always scratching my head, people may think I am more confused than normal!

The good news: I can head off and cure dandruff with medicated products. I want review my favorite dandruff shampoos.

First, though, we need to know what dandruff is.

What is dandruff?

Dandruff is a problem with your scalp. It is dead skin being shed from your scalp; the dead skin is the white flakes.

You will be scratching your head and the flakes will be visible in your hair or fall onto your shoulders.

It tends to be chronic, is NOT contagious, and affects men and women, from teens to adults.

Most of the time I can use a good dandruff shampoo and it will clear up.

If a medicated dandruff shampoo does not work or your skin is red, you should contact a dermatologist. You might have other issues — like something called seborrheic dermatitis. That sounds nasty, I know, but it is scaly, flaky, itchy, and red skin.

Nizoral anti dandruff shampoo

To me, Nizoral is the best dandruff shampoo — hands down.

Nizoral comes in two formats: An over the counter or prescription forumula. The difference is the percentage of the active ingredient, ketoconazole.

Ketoconazole, which is an antifungal agent, comes in a 1 percent version over the counter. That’s the one I’ve used.

The benefits of this shampoo are that it is relativly mild, which means I can use it frequently. Nizoral recommends 3-5 times a week.

It does not have a strong odor — just very lightly scented.

It soaks into the scalp nicely when lathering and keeps my hair looking like it should — hair texture and quality are not affected.

Best of all, it works. It cleared up my itchy scalp after about 2 weeks. I use it one week to keep my scratching and itching under control.

The downside of this product is cost. Dandruff is chronic, which means one bottle won’t last for life.

Cost is about $25.

Selsun Blue

Selsun Blue uses a different active ingredient than Nizoral. In Selsun Blue, it is selenium sulfide, which is an anti-infective and slows down the death of skin cells.

Despite the medical jargon, it does not seem to be as mild as other shampoos. I thought it left my hair slightly stiff, but it does have a more shampoo-like quality compared to coal tar products.

An important point is that the Selsun Blue smells like a medicine cabinet, I think.

Does it work? It did help my itchy scalp and did get rid of that layer of dead skin cells, which caused flaking after about 3 weeks.

One thing to keep in mind with this product is that it can discolor hair, especially if Is is blond or gray or not natural — i.e., colored.

Price is about $12.

Neutrogena T-Gel (coal tar)

Neutrogena T-Gel has coal tar as an active ingredient and is a product from the process of coal manufacturing.

I think it is really harsh. When I pour it onto my hand, I find that it’s brown and smells funky.

I did notice that it causes my scalp to be dry; my hair felt tough and rough.

However, it did seem to get rid of flakiness and itchiness after about a week. There’s good and bad with everything. The cost — at about $8 on Amazon — is not as pricey as the Selsun Blue or Nizoral.

Looking for a good facial hair trimmer?

Will Foster, CC BY-SA 2.0
Will Foster, CC BY-SA 2.0

The best ladies facial hair trimmer will get rid of stubborn unsightly hair that grows in unwanted places like in our ears and noses. But it will also be able to get rid of that single strand of black hair that may grow above your lip, too. You may also want a set of personal grooming clippers that can do your eyebrows, too.

Women have many options when it comes to buying one of these personal care trimming devices. It is important to find a trimmer that is compact enough for travel and uses standard batteries or is cordless. To help you, I want to list the top rated brands for this grooming device.

Panasonic nose and facial hair trimmer

For a facial hair trimmer, this thing is very convenient. The Panasonic ES2113PC comes in pink, and is designed probably for feminine uses, though there’s no reason a man couldn’t benefit from using it, either. It has a pivoting head that will smoothly trim any contour of the skin, especially on the face.

It’s also very small; it uses only a single AAA battery to operate and can be taken on the go. Despite all of that, it has a nice, fine blade that guarantees a smooth trim. All of this can be yours for a measly $14, so there’s little reason not to have this little on-the-go trimmer!

Norelco NT9110: Ear and nose hair trimmer for women

Created specifically to remove nose and ear hair, the Norelco NT9110 trimmer has a tube-like head that encases the blade so it won’t nick or cut at all. It also includes eyebrow shaping combs, so it can befit all your facial grooming needs in one, small, easily portable device.

It doesn’t require a wire or charger, and runs on a single AA battery. It can even be used to trim beards and mustaches for minor shaping and grooming, like most larger and more standard facial hair trimmers. At only about $13, such a price is a steal for something that does so much for you.

Panasonic facial trimmer for ladies

This nifty little device comes in with a tiny price tag of only $13, but don’t let that indicate it’s quality. As most men realize when they age, they tend to get hair in unwanted and strange places such as in the nose or ears. This nifty trimmer is designed specifically to remove such unsightly hair.

It trims hair from the nose and the ears, but can also be used as a standard facial trimmer. It basically fits into any man’s hair-trimming needs, and does it all while being small and portable. And the best part is it has a fine-bladed design that can get all of these jobs done with fairly accurate and impressive results. Really a must buy.

Precision personal grooming clippers

This thing is a pretty cool nose hair trimmer. With the intent to keep things clean, neat and as painless as possible, it has an improved dual-edged blade that rotates smoothly to prevent unwanted tugging or cutting. But here’s the best feature: it has a built in vacuum that immediately sucks up cut hairs, so you won’t sneeze or itch as you do it.

Even after all of those features, it remains cordless, battery-operated, and easily portable and discreet; you can take it anywhere on business, and nobody even needs to know you trim those hairs at all. It’s the best nose hair trimmer money can buy under $20, to be certain!

Remington facial hair trimmer for men and women

Coming from the brand name Remington, this unisex facial trimmer is created specifically for convenience and for either males or females to use comfortably. Running on a mere AAA battery, the device is both small and easily portable, but very effective. It can be used for eyebrows, ears, the nose, or even the neckline to remove pesky hairs you don’t want.

With patented dual-blade technology, it is sure to remove hairs quickly and painlessly for anyone in the household. The price for all this? Only $20.99, which is a bargain price for a trimmer made for both husband and wife, boyfriend or girlfriend.